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Modes of Gdansk Airport Transfers

Modes of Gdansk Airport Transfers

Minibus/Minivan Transfers

Experience luxury on wheels with the Mercedes Benz Minibus/Minivan option for your airport transfer. Enjoy a comfortable ride, perfect for families, with spacious seating and ample room for luggage.

  • Duration: Approximately 30-40 minutes to the city center.
  • Frequency: Regular departures based on flight schedules.

Types Of Gdansk Airport Transfers

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Shared Transfers

Shared transfers are an excellent choice if you're a solo traveler or a couple looking to save on transportation costs. You'll be grouped with fellow passengers heading in the same direction, making it an affordable and social way to reach your accommodation. Please note that these transfers may take slightly longer based on drop-off points.

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Which Gdansk Airport Transfer Ticket Is The Best For You?

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One-Way Transfers Or Round-Trip Transfers

One-Way Transfers

Round-Trip Transfers

  • Best Suited For: Visitors who have pre-planned itineraries and want a hassle-free experience while traveling from the airport to their accommodation and back.
  • Enjoy a budget-friendly option, often more cost-effective than booking two separate one-way transfers.
  • Round-trip transfers give you peace of mind when you know that your return journey is already sorted.
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Private Transfers Or Shared Transfers

Private Transfers

Shared Transfers

  • Best Suited For: Budget-conscious travelers who don't mind sharing a ride with others.
  • Travel to and from the airport and Gdansk city, Sopot, or Gdynia in a shared vehicle, i.e., a luxury minivan/minibus.
  • Enjoy a cost-effective travel option with quick availability.

5 Reasons Why You Should Book Gdansk Airport Transfers Online

  • Hassle-free Booking: You can book your tickets with just a few clicks and receive instant confirmation. Plus, you have the freedom to choose your ticket date and time slot.
  • Airport Pickup: Say goodbye to the stress of hailing a cab or navigating public transport. Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport, and if there are any last-minute changes in your flight timings, your driver will adjust the pickup accordingly. 
  • Luggage Assistance: Your driver will help you with your luggage, ensuring a seamless transition from the airport to your accommodation. 
  • Safe & Reliable: The drivers are professional, experienced, and know the city inside out. No need to worry about getting ripped off by local cab drivers or dealing with any shady business. 
  • Saves Money: When you book Gdansk Airport Transfers online, you'll unlock a world of ticket deals, discounts, and promo codes. Saving money on airport transfers means more euros to spend on exciting experiences in Gdansk. 

Airports In Gdansk

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Lech Wałęsa Airport, Gdańsk

Address: ul. Juliusza Słowackiego 200, 80-298 Gdańsk, Poland

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  • Frequency of Transfers: Regular transfers are available throughout the day to accommodate various flight schedules.
  • No of Terminals: The airport has two terminals, Terminal T1 for domestic and Schengen flights and Terminal T2 for non-Schengen flights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gdansk Airport Transfer Tickets

What is the cost of a Gdansk airport transfer ticket?

Gdansk Airport Transfer tickets are available at various price ranges, starting from PLN 53, depending on the features and services included in your ticket.

What are the timings and schedules of the Gdansk airport transfer tickets?

Book your Gdansk Airport Transfer tickets online and enjoy 24/7 airport transfer services in Gdansk.

What are Gdansk airport transfers?

Begin your experience in Gdansk in a hassle-free and organized manner with Gdansk airport transfers. It is one of the most convenient ways to traverse from the Gdansk airport to your preferred location in the city.

Where can I buy Gdansk airport transfer tickets?

You can buy Gdansk airport transfer tickets online.

What are the advantages of buying a Gdansk airport transfer ticket?
  • Hassle-Free Travel
  • Pre-arranged transportation 
  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Time-Saving
  • Modern AC Vehicles
  • Professional Service
  • Luggage Assistance
Why should I buy Gdansk airport transfer tickets online?

Booking Gdansk airport transfer tickets online allows you to secure your transfer in advance, saving you time and effort upon arrival. Plus, you can enjoy exciting deals and discounts on your ticket by booking it online.

What is the validity of my Gdansk airport transfer ticket?

Your Gdansk airport transfer ticket validity depends on the type of ticket you have purchased. Please check your ticket details for more information.

Are Gdansk airport transfers safe?

Yes, Gdansk airport transfer tickets are safe as all safety precautions are in place. You get experienced drivers who are well-versed in safe driving practices, enhancing your overall security.

What is included in my Gdansk airport transfer ticket?

Your Gdansk airport transfer tickets include several features and facilities, including luggage assistance, an English-speaking driver, a comfortable vehicle, and more. Please check your ticket details for more information.

What is included in my Gdansk airport transfer ticket?

Your Gdansk airport transfer tickets include several features and facilities,including luggage assistance, English-speaking driver, comfortable vehicle and more. Please check your ticket details for more information.

Can I modify my airport transfer ticket?

Your Gdansk airport transfer ticket timings will be mentioned on the ticket itself. Please refer to your ticket for timing modifications and cancellation details.

What kind of vehicles are used for airport transfers?

Luxurious and comfortable AC Mercedes Minibuses/Minivans are used for Gdansk airport transfers.

What are the major airports in Gdansk?

Lech Wałęsa Airport, Gdansk is the main airport in the city.

Are airport transfers available in Gdansk?